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Gregscarf is a brand established in Portugal in 2013 by Giorgio & Sabine, an Italian-German couple and scarf lovers, to create a new model that gives a fresh twist to the traditional fashion accessory.
After extensive research and experimentation with shapes, materials and production techniques, Gregscarf was born.
This unique scarf is formed by combining together two different fabrics, hence the reason for the nickname The Twin Scarf.

The two sides, according to the medley of materials, colours and unusual fabrics used, combine to make a dialogue of harmonies and contrasts, resulting in a totally unique and characteristic scarf.

The Gregscarf is a scarf that fully reflects the spirit and the taste of its creators: eccentric or discreet, classic or trendy, sporty or elegant.

Recently, Gregscarf has expanded its range of products, adding to its flagship model the Twin Pocketsquare.

All models are made with fabrics of the highest quality, using only natural materials: Wool, Cashmere, Silk, Cotton, Linen and their blends.

Each model is carefully produced in Portugal by hand and in limited editions.



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